October 18, 2017


Local Nominations:

Attn Local 9404 Members,

CWA Local 9404 held its General Membership meeting on Wednesday, October 18, 2017 at the Union Hall located at 195 Glen Cove Marina Rd, Suite 101 in Vallejo, CA. At this meeting the nominations for Local Officers positions were completed. The nominations were as follows:

President: Mike Barfield

Executive Vice President  Mark Bautista

Secretary Treasurer Ginny Raines

Vice President District 1/Marin  Maynardo Eugenio

Vice President District 2/Contra Costa Mike Anderson

Vice President District 3/Verizon/Frontier Alejandro Lawrence

Vice President District 4/Napa/Solano Jason Rawlings

Executive Board District 2Shon Stover

Executive Board District 4Buck Donnelly

All positions were unopposed, therefore, they have been elected by acclamation. Any challenges must be received in writing to the Election Committee by Saturday, October 28, 2017.